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You can get up with the sweet sound of the nature and rediscovering the semplicity of our lands in a paceful place.

Casolare Rosa is far away only 10 minutes to Saluzzo, a small, well-acquainted city of art; less kilometers away Costigliole Saluzzo, Verzuolo and Piasco (small town well known all over the world about the museum of harps).

From here you can go to lots of beautiful villages or towns of “Provincia Granda”.

Casolare Rosa welcomes you in a simple and homely places.

 Casolare Rosa is a family run farm born in the 1990. It want to realize a work to live in the nature and in the greenery.

Casolare Rosa is in Rossana, a small village in Varaita Valley. Since 5 years, Casolare rosa became a restaurant too. Here you can see beautiful green countryside, walk in woods and orchards, walk out yourself on relax, savour our traditional dishes.

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